Preparing for Maternity Shoots

First off, I want to give you a BIG CONTRATULATIONS on being a mother!!! This is a very magical time in your life and we are here to help capture these moments with you.

We advise that you book your session in advance to ensure that we are available for you. The best time to do your photo session is during the third trimester, or between 28-36 weeks. If you book too early, your belly may not be showing as much, and if you book too late in the pregnancy, you may have trouble with posing, walking, and standing for periods of time.

Communicate Your Ideas With The Photographer

Communication with the photographer is very important. A good photographer wants to make sure they are providing the service and capturing the photos that you want, while a good pregnant model wants to be sure that they are prepared and can match the photographers level of expertise. This photographer-model synergy is important for taking a decent photoshoot and making it a great one.


If you are interested in doing partial or implied nudes, make sure you speak to the photographer beforehand. Discuss what you are looking to do and what you are comfortable with doing. The discussion alone will help build synergy and make it more comfortable for the day of the shoot.

What To Wear

Discuss what you would like to wear with your photographer. In general, you will want to stick with solid or simple patterned garments. Make sure your undergarments match or are unnoticeable in your selected outfit. It is also a good idea to go with stretchy fabrics for your maternity shoot so that you feel comfortable and the garment accentuates the tummy.


Adding special props, such as the ultrasound, baby toys, or sentimental items will add a special touch to the photos and make they something you will talk about for generations to come.

Hair and Makeup

You are always welcome to do your own hair and makeup. Just remember these 2 points: 1. DO NOT wear shiny makeup, and 2. DO exaggerate your makeup to show off your features for the camera. Camera makeup is heavier than makeup in real life because the camera tends to neutralize the scene.

You can hire your own hair and makeup artist to assist you and help relieve the stress of doing your own hair and makeup the day of the shoot.

If you do not already have a hair and makeup artist, we can have one of our preferred hair and/or makeup artists assist you.

Finishing Touches

You may want to get a manicure, pedicure, and your hair done the day before or day of the shoot.

Don’t skip breakfast!

Be sure to eat before the shoot! You do not want to feel faint during your shoot, as this may cause the photographer to cancel the shoot due to your health status.

Also, be sure to drink plenty of water the week leading up to the photoshoot. Hydrated skin tends to have less visible wrinkles, less blemishes, and a healthy glow to it.